Sirius Red / Fast Green Collagen Staining Kit

Product name

Picro Sirius Red staining kit (connective tissue staining)

Example type: Tissue sections

Test time: 1h 00m

Product description

The Picro-Sirius Red Stain (Connective Tissue Stain) kit ab150681 is designed for use in the histological visualization of collagen I and III fibres, as well as muscle in tissue sections. Picro Sirius red staining can be seen using standard light microscopy.

Picro Sirius red staining has traditionally been used sometimes with polarized light to more easily differentiate collagen fibres from the background. Studies have used the differences between the appearance of different collagen fibres under polarized light to differentiate between different types of collagen fibres; It is not clear whether the differences in the appearance of the fibres are due to the orientation, thickness and packing of the fibres rather than reflecting different types of collagen fibres.

Summary of the picro Sirius red staining protocol:

  • deparaffinized the sections if necessary and hydrate in distilled water
  • cover the sections with a solution of picro-Sirius red and incubate for 60 min
  • wash the slide with an acetic acid solution
  • wash the slide with absolute alcohol
  • dehydrate, clean and mount the slide

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Control tissue: lung, uterus, muscle, kidney.


Fast Green FCF has been used for the staining of rabbit menisci and osteochondral tissues. Fast Green FCF stain is used for protein staining in IEF, native PAGE, and SDS-PAGE. Fast Green staining is linear over a wider range of protein concentrations than Brilliant Blue R.

After electrophoresis, it is recommended to fix proteins on the gel for maximum sensitivity. The gel can then be stained for 2 hours with 0.1% Fast Green FCF in 30% (v / v) ethanol, 10% (v / v) acetic acid, or 7% acetic acid. The gel can be bleached with 30% (v / v) ethanol, 10% (v / v) acetic acid, or 7% acetic acid. The stained gel can be scanned at 625 nm. Detection sensitivity is approx. 30% than Brilliant Blue R.


5, 25, 100 g in a glass bottle

Biochemical / Physiological Actions

Fast Green FCF can be considered as a safe stain for detecting tumours. In recent years, this has gained prominence as an important drug for treating amyloid deposition diseases.

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