CHW Ag Test Kit 2.0

Product Description

  • The Canine Heartworm Antigen Rapid Test is a test cassette for diagnosing the presence of Canine Heartworm antigens (CHW Ag) in blood samples from dogs.
  • Rehearsal time: 5-10 minutes
  • Sample: Serum, plasma or whole blood


The rapid canine heartworm antigen test is based on a sandwich lateral flow immunochromatographic assay.

Reagents And Materials

  • test devices
  • disposable capillary droppers
  • test buffers
  • product handbook

Storage And Stability

The kit can be stored at room temperature (4-30°C). The test kit is stable until the expiration date (24 months) is marked on the package label. DO NOT FREEZE. Do not store the test kit in direct sunlight.

Sample Preparation And Storage

  • The sample must be obtained and treated as indicated below.
  • Serum or Plasma: Collect whole blood for the patient’s dog, centrifuge to obtain serum, or place whole blood in a tube containing anticoagulants to obtain plasma.
  • Whole Blood: Collect fresh blood for direct use or make anticoagulant blood to store at 2-8ºC.
  • All samples must be tested immediately. If not for testing now, they should be stored at 2-8ºC.

Test Procedure

  • Allow all materials, including the specimen and test fixture, to recover to 15-25°C before testing.
  • Take the test device out of the foil bag and place it horizontally.
  • Using the capillary dropper place 10 μL of the prepared sample into the “S” sample port of the test device. Then, drop 2 drops (approx. 80 μL) of the Assay Buffer into the sample hole immediately.
  • Interpret the result in 5-10 minutes. The result after 10 minutes is considered invalid.

Interpretation Of Results

  • Positive (+): The presence of both the “C” line and the “T” zone line, regardless of whether the T line is clear or vague.
  • Negative (-): Only the light C line appears. No T-line.
  • Invalid: No coloured line appears in zone C. It does not matter if the T line appears.


  • All reagents must be at room temperature before performing the assay.
  • Do not remove the test cassette from its bag until immediately before use.
  • Do not use the test beyond its expiration date.
  • Components in this kit have been quality control tested as a standard lot unit. Do not mix components from different lot numbers.
  • All specimens are of potential infection. It must be dealt with strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations of local states.


The rapid canine heartworm antigen test is for in vitro veterinary diagnostic use only. All results must be considered with other clinical information available from the veterinarian. It is suggested to apply another confirmation method when a positive result is observed.

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