Jivan empowers scientists with new insight


Jivan empowers scientists with new insight by providing a full catalogue of splice variant arrays to benefit all stages of the drug development pipeline:

  • Clinical markers
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • ADME/Tox
  • Target validation
  • R&D


Site Map Products:

  • Genome-wide splice arrays: Human, Mouse, Rat
  • Application-specific arrays: Oncology, Toxicology, Apoptosis, Cell Surface, Whole Blood, Custom Splice Arrays
  • Gene family arrays: CYP450, GPCR, ion channel, kinase, PDE, phosphatase, protease, tyrosine receptor, ABC transporter, solute carrier
  • Software for alternative splicing analysis
  • PCR Primers for splice variant detection


  • Jivan Launches Software for Alternative Splicing Analysis
  • Jivan Awarded NIAAA Grant to Study Alcohol-Induced RNA Splicing
  • Jivan Launches Genome-Wide Mouse Splice Array
  • Jivan and NimbleGen Partner for Splice Array Market


  • Multiplies the potential biomarkers, diagnostics and targets that can be identified by DNA microarrays
  • The 1st commercial splice variant arrays
  • Patent-pending technology for splice variant detection
  • Validated by corporate and academic research collaborations and NIH grants