SpliceExpress™ is Jivan’s flagship line of oligonucleotide microarrays for alternative splicing. With multiple patents pending, SpliceExpress™ microarrays are the first commercial splice variant arrays, available since 2001. SpliceExpress™ arrays address all stages of drug development from target validation and functional genomics to predictive toxicology, molecular diagnostics and clinical biomarkers.

  • Genome-wide microarrays for alternative splicing, available for Human, Mouse, Rat, Fly, Worm, Chimp, Dog, Cat, Monkey, Horse, Cow, Zebrafish, and more.
  • Application-specific splice arrays for Oncology, Toxicology, Cell Surface, Apoptopsis and Whole Blood.
  • Gene family-wide splice arrays for GPCRs, ion channels, CYP450, kinases, PDEs, phosphatases, proteases and proteinases, receptor tyrosine kinases and PTPs, ABC transporters and solute carriers.
  • Custom splice variant microarrays designed in as little as a day.
  • JIVAN’s SpliceFold™ Software for Alternative Splicing is the first commercial software package built from the ground up to analyze data from splice variant microarrays.
  • Another industry first, SpliceExpress™ PCR Primers for splice variant detection enable researchers to perform quantitative rt-PCR to identify and validate changes in RNA splicing for any gene in Jivan’s human genome database.