FITC Conjugated Vicia Villosa Lectin (Hairy Vetch)


Form: lyophilized powder

Composition: Protein, ~ 90% biuret

Labelling extension

3-6 mole of FITC per mole of protein

Conjugate: Conjugate FITC

Storage temperature: −20 ° C


Biochemical / Physiological Actions

VVA has an affinity for N-acetyl-D-galactosamine. There are at least three tetrameric isolectins of VVA composed of A and B subunits, designated B4, A2B2, and A4. Isolectin B4 is specific for Tn-activated erythrocytes: A4 has anti-A1 blood group specificity and A2B2 has intermediate specificity between A4 and B4. There is an additional non-blood group-specific lectin in the seed extracts. Conjugates are prepared from affinity-purified lectin.


Package size based on protein content

Physical form

Freeze-dried powder containing sodium citrate

Analysis note

  • Agglutination activity is expressed in µg per ml and is determined from serial dilutions in phosphate-buffered saline, pH 6.8, of a 1 mg per ml solution.
  • This activity is the lowest concentration to agglutinate a 2% suspension of appropriate erythrocytes after 1 hour of incubation at 25 ° C.

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